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Book Endorsements

"There has never been a book like Kings and Queens by Dominic Puglese.

Now is the time for this generation to have a clear understanding of scripture and to know who they are in Christ as His beloved children and His Kings and Queens.

This book will awaken who you really are, and you will never be the same again!


Not only is the book packed with biblical teaching and revelation, but Dominic also imparts to the reader a deeper understanding and revelation of the Father’s heart of God.

This book has changed the way I pray and taught me to decree with the authority God has given me through intimacy with Him.

This book is a must read for every age!”


Pastor Aaron Wronko

Gateway Church

Jackson Hole Campus




There is a paragraph early on in Dominic Puglese’s book that arrested our attention.....


“Today’s generation is looking for the real thing, and they can spot stale religion a mile away. They desire a deep, intimate relationship with their heavenly Father and that alone is their heart’s cry.”


As we face and walk through a season of great societal upheavals, turbulence and sweeping changes in our world, how true it is that we need to be more secure in our God-given identity and walking in greater intimacy with Him, now more than ever before.


Dominic has written a deeply personal and heartfelt book that left us in tears on more than one occasion, as we were reminded time and time again of God’s great love and His desire for intimacy with His children.


For anyone seeking to discover their true identity and authority as sons and daughters of God, this powerful and impacting book is a ‘must read’, and a prophetic and timely word to this generation.


Pastors Matt & Tarn Cross

Nashville, Tennessee


"Dominic’s new book…

I wasn’t prepared for the “Big Hug” that came from Dominic’s words and his heart in this book, Kings & Queens...Wow!

There is such a “Big Hug” from our Father in heaven in this good work.

The encouragement that flowed over me as I read was incredible, so much so that upon finishing, I’ve now started again and reading in small bites as there is so much love and inspiration.

As you read through this book, you really have to allow yourself to soak on this teaching, and through the Holy Spirit allow Him to touch you in places that need healing and restoration.

Blessings to all who get to enjoy this “Big Hug”.


Thank you for such inspired good work!”


Michael Blanton

President Beacon Hawk Entertainment

Founder of SongWriter University

(Former Manager - Amy Grant & Michael W. Smith)


"There is so much teaching and talk about God’s heart that is often misunderstood or not correctly portrayed in the world today.


Dominic Puglese has been a dear friend of mine for a long time and I’ll never forget as a young man hearing him teach about God’s heart and thinking to myself: “This is it, this is who I know God is. Yes, He is this full of love, mercy and kindness…

What Dominic imparted to me left a major mark on my life and God used it when I was a young man to help begin a deep work of seeing Him rightly and in turn seeing myself rightly — and that’s what this book is all about.

The message Dominic carries to see the people around him encounter God’s love is very real and very alive.


I have personally hoped that Dominic would one day put what’s in his heart into a book and that’s why I’m so excited for what is on these pages!

As you read about God's deep and perfect love for you the way Dominic puts it — such security, knowledge of who you truly are, and release to walk in what you’ve already been predestined to walk in will flood your heart and mind.

If you’ve ever wanted to know the way God truly sees you, how much He loves you — please pick up this book and give it a read.”


Phil King

Worship Leader & Recording Artist

Gateway Church




"In a world that is so divided, critical and opinionated, it is so difficult to focus on good things.  Merely turning on the television or scrolling through social media will leave you with more questions than answers and a sense of negativity and helplessness.

There is no way to find purpose, reach your calling, or walk in fulfillment without a true understanding of God’s love.


God’s love helps us see how God feels about us, and how we can walk in our true identity in Christ.

Dominic Puglese has masterfully pulled together insights, revelation, and inspiration in this book “Kings and Queens” that will change your entire perspective on life. 

This book is so needed in today’s culture.  It will elevate your thinking and position you exactly where God has called you to be positioned.


There is no greater springboard to success than positioning yourself directly in the center of the Father’s love. 

If you know Dominic, you will know that this is not just a normal book written to sell copies. This is God’s directive to him to help transform your mindset back to where God originally intended it to be, in His Love. 

Enjoy your copy of this book, and I know that you will be recommending it to a few friends before you set it down."

Pastors Tracy & James Boyd

Grow Church, Naples Florida




"It is crucial for people to know their purpose, place, and function in the body, today more than ever.

In Kings and Queens, Dominic Puglese teaches us how by explaining the heart of the Father and how God sees us.

His impeccable revelation of who we are gives way to a deeper understanding of our identity and authority in Christ. 

Kings and Queens is a clear, concise, and suitable read for everyone, from new believers to well-seasoned saints. 

John 14:12 (NLT) tells us, “I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father." 


Timely and relevant, Kings and Queens is a masterpiece that belongs in every home library!"

Pastors Ed and Linda Clay

Hallelujah Deliverance Ministry



"Kings and Queens forever changed my life. It has changed the way I view myself, the way I pray, and the way I commune with my heavenly Father.

To live the abundant life God has for us, we must understand who we are in Christ, and in his book Kings and Queens Dominic beautifully unwraps our God given identity like no one else.

It’s time for God’s Queens and Kings to wake up and reign for the glory of God." 


Pastor Sarah Wronko, M.A.

Gateway Church

Jackson Hole Campus




"This book is the new must have for everyone!

In all my reading, I felt an incredible peace in my heart, my mind and my spirit.

In the very last days that we are living now, society seems to be neutralizing our identity, confusing our ideologies of what God has created us to be, suppressing the masterpiece that we are.

In this book, I found an incredible reminder that we truly are Kings and Queens in Christ, this, is our true identity as we can unlock the power of heaven here on earth.

Dominic makes it clear with Biblical and real life explanations of how this is applicable to our lives today and everyday.”


Pastor Alessandro Russo

Pastor VIVE Church 

Rome, Italy




"As I journeyed through this book, the revelation and impact of the Father’s love simply made me cry, and left me speechless.

The real love of God is the most important thing we can know personally, and I know it is missing in so many hearts.


You will discover and encounter the Father’s love in a powerful way.

You will discover the authority and power you possess as His kings and Queens, a subject that is never discussed.


This book is of paramount importance to this generation and generations to come, it will change and transform lives for the kingdom of God.


It will change how you see yourself and it will bring a new revelation of how your Heavenly Father sees you."


Pastor Marcus Mariano
Igreia Catedral da Bencao, Brazil.

8,000 member church that oversees over 3,500 churches around the world.


The revelational teachings of being secure as sons and daughters of an incredibly loving Heavenly Father and reigning in life with Him, aren’t just theoretical for Dominic.

In Kings & Queens he shares the deep revelations that came through his own transformational experiences.

Open your heart and see what your heavenly Father will do in your life...


Jeremy & Connie Sinnott

Senior Pastors

Catch the Fire Barrie


"Love… Love… Love!

Do you want to know how much your Heavenly father loves you? Kings & Queens helps you get this revelation.


Dominic does an awesome job relating through Scripture, the magnificent love Jesus has for all his children and who they really are in him.

The devil wants to hide the love that the father has for you. Not only does Dominic show how much the father loves you through his written word but also shows you how to defeat the enemy, the authority you stand in, and who you are in Christ.

Much needed for us today is to know what our identity is in Christ and how much He loves us!

With this unveiling of the truth we can change the world and be stewards of this earth the way the Lord intended!"


Ron & Don Kasperski

Founders - The Warehouse 24/7 Ministry


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