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Dominic F. Puglese

Ordained Minister, TV Host, International Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur.


New Release

Kings & Queens 

God wants to introduce you to...You!

You're not who you think you are, you're not who people say you are, you are only who God created you to be!

This Journey through Kings & Queens will introduce you to....

The God You!


























                                                                   IT’S TIME FOR GOD TO INTRODUCE YOU TO…YOU!


The enemy’s greatest fear is the awakening of God’s children to their Kingdom Authority.

You're not who you think you are. You're not who people say you are. You are only who God created you to be!

The Bible tells us we are His Kings and Queens––Yet we live as commoners! 


As His Kings and Queens we are called to “Abide in Intimacy and Operate in Authority”.


Our Identity as His dearly loved children is found in our intimacy with Him, our Purpose is found in our Authority in Him as His Kings & Queens commissioned to reign in this life.

As His Kings and Queens we have all been given the “Keys of the Kingdom”, His Kingdom Authority and Power of His Kingship rule of heaven to partner with the forces of heaven and advance heaven on earth.


Your journey through Kings & Queens will reveal how you can:


-     Experience the “Big Hug” of your Heavenly Father’s Love

-     Abide with your Best friend…The Holy Spirit

-     Discover who God created you to be in Him

-     Abide in Intimacy & Operate in Authority

-     Understand why “Decreeing and Declaring” are not the same

-     Live loved like John: “I’m the one whom Jesus Loves”

-     Unlock the fullness of Heaven with the Keys of the Kingdom

-     Eliminate fear and worry in your life

-     Transform your future - 25 Powerful Daily Decrees!

You are His Dearly Loved Children & His Kings and Queens!


You are the "Chi Rho Generation" that will usher in the greatest move of God this world has ever seen!

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Partner with Kings & Queens Ministry as we endeavor to reach our world with the message of the Father's Love and our Kingship Authority in Christ!
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